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About Us

Infotech Rice Co Ltd officially registered as a Stockholder of Rice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2003.  Our experts have over 30 years’ experiences in procurement of rice.  We run our business creditably and we are always sincere to our customers.


We choose high-quality rice from countries all over the world including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and America to meet our customers' needs. In order to avoid shortages and inconsistence in the quality of rice, we only purchase from experienced and reliable suppliers.  All imported rice is kept in our own registered rice storage place to ensure excellent storage environment.


We use automated packaging systems that can clear stones, sand and impurities.  We perform inspection before every delivery to ensure high quality.


Our existing brands have different characteristics and flavors that are suitable for families, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, elderly care homes, hotels, charities and food processing units, etc.  We commit to select high quality rice with creative elements to energize the rice market.


We concern quality, honest and reputation.  We believe QUALITY IS OUR FUTURE.  

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